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Laurentian Research Institute for Aging

In September of 2017, the Laurentian University Research Institute for Aging (LRIA) became the newest research institute for aging in Canada. The increasing number of older adults is changing the demographic profile of Canada, and poses novel challenges in many Canadian sectors including healthcare, housing, economics, and public policy, among others. With numerous bright leaders across the university, the LRIA is well positioned to help find innovative solutions that will not only allow us to meet these challenges while insuring excellent service and care to older adults in northeastern Ontario.

The Research Institute for Aging focusses on positive psychology with older adults. The LRIA's goal is to engage with older adults to assist in building bridges between individuals and their community to bring positive change by improving the quality of life of older adults, their families, and caregivers. A key activity will be to create meaningful opportunities for older adults that encourage them to continue being active, contributing members of their communities and improve their health and well-being.

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